What happens to pH and pool water chemistry when it rains (or snows)?

14 January 13

Rainwater itself can change the pH and chemical balance of pool water and is exacerbated by the fact that across the United States, most rainwater is acidic; this is caused by industrial gasses, and this can change the balance of pool water chemistry, including pH to alkalinity levels.

Rainwater can also cause run-off from landscaping, and the pool deck, and rooftops, which add another source of water that can negatively affect pH, and other chemical balances such as calcium hardness, total dissolved solids (TDS), alkalinity. This also brings in dirt and debris and other contaminants, which also change the pool chemistry.

Thus it’s important to monitor the pool water chemistry at all times, and pay special attention when it rains. The combination of acid rain and other chemical imbalances can cause corrosion to pool equipment and damage the plaster.

Testing often during and after the rain will help manage pool water chemistry imbalances. Automatic pH and ORP controllers make it easier to stay on top of these issues, so you are monitoring 24/7 and can quickly make adjustments as needed.

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