Healthy & Safe Swimming Takes a Team

29 September 18

The CDC just kicked off the summer swim season with their Healthy Swimming website updates that include tools for residential and public pool goers and professionals. You can find the latest MMWR report on crypto outbreaks, health promotion materials, tips for swimmers, aquatics professionals, residential pool/hot tub owners, public health professionals and medical professionals.

Properly balanced swimming pool water chemistry is the single most important factor in maintaining a healthy and safe swimming environment.   Proper water balance protects bathers and increases the life of the pool/spa equipment and components.

Automated pH and ORP controllers help pool owners and pool professionals stay on top of swimming pool water chemistry. And with remote monitoring you can be in control 24/7 assuring a healthy and safe swimming experience. The village of professionals, educated pool owners, combined with proven technology go a long way toward putting the fun back into summer.

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