Easy To Use

How It Works
Intelligently simple technology. An IPS Controller is made of the following four key components:

1. The flow cell captures a water sample for analysis.

2. Sensors analyze the pH and ORP in the flow cell.

3. The Controller receives information from the sensors and compares it to the programmed settings. If chemical adjustments are needed, the controller will signal the chemical pump, salt chlorine generator, or other feeding devices.

4. Our digital, LED display allows you to adjust values for dosing times, pH and ORP target levels, high/low alerts, and overfeed settings. It also displays the status of chemical control functions. Some models display temperature and emit external visual and audible alarms.

Easy To Install
The controller and flow cell are ready to hang right out of the box. Connect your plumbing and just like that, you’re in control.

The controller comes with all items needed for installation: the controller and flow cell preassembled on a 16˝ x 12˝ mounting board (larger mounting boards are available), pH and ORP sensors, 1 in-line strainer, 2 compression fittings, 2 hose clamps, 25 feet of tubing and a user’s manual with complete instructions.

Watch this “Take It Easy with IPS controller Install Video” for simple step-by-step installation instructions.

Easy to Program, Monitor and Report
Clear instructions guide you through system set-up and use in just minutes with no long menus to sift through. If needed, our technical support team is just a call away.

Remote Monitoring
Many IPS Controller models have built-in WiFi or hard-wired Ethernet connections. Sign up for our free web-based management system and check in on the chemical control activity for all your pools and spas using your computer, smart phone or tablet.


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