VidaPureTM Residential

Clean, clear, pure backyard fun!

VidaPure™ is our chemical controller designed specifically for residential swimming pools. IPS Controllers engineers high-tech, easy-to-use controllers that maintain proper pH and sanitizer levels in commercial pools and spas

VidaPure™ automatically delivers proper chemical levels as needed, providing pool owners clean, clear water, and a safer swimming environment for family and friends. Ready for remote monitoring? Add optional Wi-Fi interface, pool owners and service technicians can monitor a pool’s chemistry anytime, anywhere. It is easy to install, easy to set up, and easy to monitor, making residential pools easier to enjoy.

Chemical automation technology – like IPS Controllers – have so improved water quality, that many states, and the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), now require these systems on all commercial and public pools.

VidaPureTM Technology

Technology-driven innovations proven in the commercial market:

  • Uses pH and ORP sensing technology
  • Time tested software and hardware
  • 22 GPD pumps respond quickly to changes in chemical demand
  • Maintains pH and chlorine levels all year based on actual demand; no need to change programs or settings season-to-season
  • Uses readily available liquid acid(Muriatic) and liquid chlorine (SodiumHypochlorite)
  • Properly maintained chemical levels provide a pool safer from water born illnesses and over exposure to unnecessary chemicals
  • Protects pool equipment from corrosion by eliminating ‘peaks and valleys’ of inconsistent water chemistry
  • Eliminates wasted chemicals
  • Wi-Fi interface (optional) for monitoring from anywhere on any internet connected device
  • Easy to install
  • All-in-one package requires less space and fewer connections
  • Easy to program with large LED readout
  • Operates on 24-VAC
  • Premounted on 18˝ x 10˝ board
  • Two Year Limited Warranty


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