M920wCA Commercial

Meet California Title XXII
Compliance with Confidence

Our state-of-the-art M920wCA controller, designed for commercial pools, assures your compliance with Title XXII requirements, including PPM calculations and full reporting capability.

Sign up for our free remote monitoring, and stay alert to any changes or problems by accessing daily readings. Detailed reports allow you to satisfy those who want to see daily logging of Free Available Chlorine (PPM), pH, and Temperature. Your reports are accessible 24/7 via WiFi with smart phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop. All features are also available with hard-wired Ethernet connection, model M920CA.

Chemical automation technology, like IPS Controllers, have so improved water quality that many states, and the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), now require these systems on all commercial pools and spas. With IPS Controllers, you can feel confident you are providing clean, clear water, and a safer swimming environment.

IPS-M920CA Technology

  • Web-based programming, monitoring, and reporting, plus multiple email and texting options built in for alerts and notifications
  • Lock-out feature prevents unauthorized use
  • Calculates, stores, and displays Free Available Chlorine (PPM) and stores Cyanuric Acid level
  • Maintains pH and Chlorine levels all year based on actual demand; no need to change programs or settings season-to-season
  • Compatible with liquid, tablets, granular, and salt chlorine generators
  • Unique dual ORP allows installation of multiple output devices, and a primary and secondary sanitizer on the same system
  • Pre-mounted on 16˝ x 12˝ board; optional 24˝ x 19˝ board accommodates two chemical pumps
  • Simple to program with large LED readout
  • Internet connection required for PPM calculations
  • Available in hard-wire Ethernet, or optional WiFi model M920wCA
  • NSF certified for the highest level of code compliance


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