M820 Commercial & Custom Residential

Chemical Control with Lots of Options

The M820 is perfect for pools, spas and water features of all sizes, anywhere—hotels, condominiums, aquatic centers, schools, public facilities, homes and more.

Automatically monitor, adjust and dispense the correct amount of chemicals, based on user demand, to maintain consistent pH and sanitizer levels throughout the day.

Our IPS M820 offers automated control of pH within the convenience of the unique dual ORP, allowing operators to install multiple output devices on the same pool. With dual ORP, you can use a primary sanitizer, such as salt chlorine generator, with a secondary sanitizer, such as liquid chlorine, for rapid response to increased bather load. The second ORP may also be used as a safety backup (second pump and tank) for liquid systems.

Quick and simple to operate, easy installation right out of the box and system set up takes just minutes. It’s rare, but if technical support is needed, we are just a phone call away.

Chemical automation technology, like IPS Controllers, have so improved water quality that many states, and the CDC’s Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC), now require these systems on all commercial pools and spas. With IPS Controllers, you can feel confident you are providing clean, clear water, and a safer swimming environment.

IPS-M820 Technology

  • pH set level 7.0- 8.0
  • ORP set level 400-900
  • Default high/low alert settings
  • Readout – LED with digital display
  • Alarm – LED alert display
  • Push button overfeed adjustment
  • Push button high/low alert adjustment
  • Dose Rate – timed or continuous
  • Electrical Input/Output 110 VAC
  • Electrical Input/Output 230 VAC
  • Electrical Output 110V, 230V, & Dry Contact System pre-mounted on 16”x12” hanging board
  • Compatible with all sanitizing methods
  • Delay time – 1-99 minutes
  • Tank level inputs – 2
  • Lock-out feature
  • Can be used with Muriatic Acidor CO2
  • Gold-tipped ORP probe for salt pools (required)
  • Dual ORP, for secondary sanitizer or backup for liquid systems
  • Accessories available
  • Temperature display is an available option
  • External visual and audible alarm is an available option
  • NSF Certified for the highest level of code compliance


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