Remote Monitoring

Remote Monitoring Available on M920 Series and VidaPureTM Model


Add more hours to your day. Program and monitor your pools from anywhere at any time on your smart phone, tablet, or computer and access reports at your convenience. Relax. Even if you’re sunning at your own pool, you can still receive text or email alerts and notifications.

Remote Monitoring Website – How it Works

Remote Monitoring-capable IPS controllers require internet access to transfer data to the IPS Remote Monitoring Website. Internet access, depending on the model, is available through wireless WiFi, or a hardwired Ethernet connection. Each of our top model controllers includes capability for a “remote monitoring module” for wireless WiFi or hardwired Ethernet connections.

The following IPS Controllers models can be used with our Remote Monitoring Website via WiFi or the Ethernet. Some require add-on options.

M920wCA M920CA
M920w M920
VidaPureTM – with add-on of optional WiFi Connection Requirements

WiFi Models

The remote monitoring module used with the M920wCA or M920w is a WiFi device which will access an existing WiFi network to send the controller’s data to the Remote Monitoring Website. If an existing WiFi network is not available, a MiFi or “cellular hotspot” can be added (contact a local wireless provider). To use these models with WiFi, the Ethernet connector is disabled and cannot be used.

Hard-wired Ethernet Models

The remote monitoring module used with the M920CA or M920 requires an Ethernet connection provided by a hard wire directly from a router, a WiFi-to-Ethernet adapter, or a cellular modem (requires carrier service such as Verizon, AT&T, Comcast). The connection provided must allow the remote module to access the internet without providing any usernames, passwords, etc. The best test for this is to connect a laptop (with WiFi turned off) to the Ethernet cable and open the web browser. If the browser can open directly to the web, the connection will function properly for the remote monitor.


Because the controller data is being sent to the website vs. the website pulling the data from the module, the port is not left open and a static IP Address is not needed. This should address any concerns regarding firewall security.

Any questions can be directed to, IPS Controllers 877-693‐3223.


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