Public pools closed due to Covid 19

09 September 20

This year saw thousands of public pools closed due to Covid 19 and concerns of pool and hot tub safety. Finally, many have reopened with extra precautions to keep patrons healthy and safe. And many people around the country have been fortunate to enjoy their own backyard pool. Whether your pools are open year round or are getting ready to winterize, it’s good to continue to be vigilant about your water chemistry, sanitization and safety. Our latest product, the PressureSwitch, offers extra affordable protection against accidental chemical exposure.
Mechanical failures and human factors can create serious situations whereby a swimming pool circulation pump stops, but the chemical controller continues to release treatment chemicals. If the circulation pump stops, the IPS PressureSwitch shuts off the controller preventing unwanted chemical release. It’s an easy install. To add that peace of mind for aquatic managers and pool owners, we urge you to include our companion PressureSwitch with every new installation of an automated chemical controller, and add one to every existing system, whether it be IPS brand or other. More and more health departments are requiring extra layers of protection. So stay on top of this potential hazard, and include the IPS PressureSwitch in your best practices for pool safety.