Pool Water Chemistry 101 part 2 – How to manage cloudy swimming pool water

03 August 21

An unprecedented season combines high heat across most of the country even before peak swimming demand; people spending more time at home, and in their backyard pools due to social distancing; chlorine shortages due to supply issues related to manufacturer’s fire, and pandemic impact on most goods.

With that in mind, it’s ever more important to keep an eye on water chemistry before things get out of balance. Basic understanding of how to maintain properly balanced swimming pool water chemistry is critical to maintaining a pool that is healthy and safe.  Knowing the factors that contribute to keeping your swimming pool water in balance is important.  Our last blog talked about pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine. Maintaining proper levels of chlorine in your swimming pool water can be dispensed, monitored and controlled by an automated swimming pool controller such as those manufactured by IPS Controllers.

Here we talk about how to manage cloudy swimming pool water. A high pH, high Total Alkaline or High Calcium Hardness can be the cause for cloudy water.  

The most common causes for cloudy swimming pool water are improper filtration, insufficient water circulation or flow rate, and poor pool water chemistry. There are many reasons the pool water is cloudy, but essentially, the cloudiness is the result of the presence of small particles (too small to be filtered) and are unable to be removed by oxidation. Swimmers contribute to the cloudy pool water by contaminating the swimming pool water with dry skin flakes, bacteria, residues on the skin, and cosmetics. This is one reason showers are recommended before entering the swimming pool.  Other factors due to the environment contribute such as wind, rain, soil, vegetation that contribute to the establishment of these particles.

How to manage cloudy swimming pool water

Step 1:  Check the filtration system. Clean the filter, and reestablish the proper flow rate.

Step 2:  Establish proper swimming pool chemistry water balance.

Step 3:  If the swimming pool water is still cloudy, likely there are microscopic suspended particles. In this case, water clarifier is needed.