Bigger is Better

31 August 18

When it comes to sizing a peristaltic chemical pump for chlorine and acid (such as Rola-Chem, Stenner, Mec-o-Matic Dolphin, Bule-White), that is combined with pH and ORP controllers, the old adage, Bigger is Better is actually true.

Chemical automation installers are responsible for helping to maintain balanced pool water chemistry. Installers often make the mistake of looking at the total gallons per day rating of a chemical pump, instead of thinking about the ounces per minute. Whether feeding to a Spa or Pool, the goal should always be to get the body of water back to the desired chemical levels as quickly as possible.

Spas are considered a small body of water when determining sizing. The combination of a heavy bather load and hot water (102-104 degrees F) means the sanitizer will be used up more quickly which creates compromised water chemistry. With pool and spa pH and ORP controllers, the peristaltic chemical pump needs to be able to respond to this demand quickly in order keep from falling too far behind. For this reason, we do not recommend anything less than 22 gallons per day (GPD) for Spas.

Swimming pool bather loads can quickly overwhelm the swimming pool water chemistry. Because pools are a larger body of water, it takes more chemical to balance the water chemistry. When pool pH and ORP controllers are installed, we recommend the peristaltic chemical pumps are sized to deliver 35 – 50 GPD for up to 80,000 gallons swimming pools and 75 GPD + for pools over 80,000 gallons.

Quick service tip: Make sure the squeeze tubes are changed frequently to maintain the rated output levels (6 months on commercial pools and spas is not uncommon).

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