Relax and Monitor Your Pools Anywhere, Anytime with Our Free Online Monitoring

30 August 18

Staying in control of clean, clear water 24/7 isn’t easy even for the smartest pool professional. Automatic chemical controllers that offer remote monitoring help facilitate the water management at your aquatic facilities, even when you can’t be onsite. With our pH and ORP chemical controllers, we simplify the monitoring, including making it easy to remotely change a number of the parameters. If you have multiple staff members, not a problem, they can all access the controller online.

Imagine a situation where there is a dramatic change in expected bather load on a busy summer day, and you aren’t officially working that day. With our free remote monitoring, you can check on things from your smartphone, and even be notified by text or email of any problems. If you need to change programming parameters, you can do that from home, or ask your onsite staff to do so. You and staff will be able to check pH, ORP, and temperature readings at anytime from anywhere. And not to worry, all alerts and setting changes are recorded. Reports can be run for any one or all of your controllers and exported into Excel or PDF formats. If you are in California, these features are extra helpful in meeting Title 22, when you need to supply information to health departments that require daily logging of Free Available Chlorine  (PPM), pH and Temperature.

Free Remote Online Monitoring is a standard feature for the top of the line M920 series and M920CA series. Click here to learn more.

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