Help customers enjoy healthy, safe swimming this summer

28 August 14

The second release of the Model Aquatic Health Code will be released this summer. And this May 23-29 will celebrate the 12th annual Healthy and Safe Swimming Week, just before Memorial Day. Healthy and Safe Swimming Week focuses on simple steps swimmers and pool operators can take to help ensure a healthy and safe swimming experience for everyone. It focuses on the role of swimmers, aquatics and beach staff, residential pool owners, and public health officials in preventing drowning, pool chemical injuries, and outbreaks of illnesses. It highlights swimmer hygiene and the need for swimmers to take an active role in helping to protect themselves and prevent the spread of germs. A part of that is following the voluntary guidelines outlined in the Model Aquatic Health Code.

The first Model Aquatic Health Code (MAHC) was published in the summer of 2014. Unlike legislation, the MAHC is voluntarily adopted, wholly or in part, and driven by volunteer expertise. It is free, accessible to all, and backed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). It took over 150 volunteer experts seven years to develop the Model Aquatic Health Code, which is the only all-inclusive, science-based, data-driven model pool code in existence. The MAHC guides aquatic facility, design, construction, operation, maintenance, policies and management of public aquatic facilities.

Here are the current MAHC recommendations for automated controllers.

All IPS Controllers conform to these requirements.
Automated Controllers
AUTOMATED CONTROLLERS shall be installed for MONITORING and turning on or off chemical feeders used for pH and disinfectants at all AQUATIC VENUES.
AUTOMATED CONTROLLERS shall be required within one year from adoption of this CODE.
NSF Standard
All automated chemical controllers for pH and disinfectant MONITORING/control shall be listed and labeled to NSF/ANSI 50 by an ANSI-accredited certification organization.
Operation Manuals
Operation manuals or other instructions that give clear directions for cleaning and calibrating AUTOMATED CONTROLLER probes and sensors shall be provided in close proximity to the AUTOMATED CONTROLLER.
Set Point
A set point shall be used to target the disinfectant level and the pH level.

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