Automated Chemical Controllers Help Reduce Risk

05 August 18

AControlling and reducing chemical fluctuations are the driving reason to install chemical controllers. Reducing risk from recreational water illness is a compelling reason to install a complete automated control system. Some aquatic professionals may shy away due to initial costs of chemical sensors and control systems; however, reducing risk of disease outbreaks will increase facility use, therefore worth the initial investment. IPS provides 4 different controllers to meet your needs, and your budget.

How Chemical controllers work:
Chemical controllers operate using microprocessors, which are designed to recognize low sanitizer levels, low or high pH levels, and make adjustments accordingly. Depending on the model you choose, your system can also relay messages through remote control monitoring. The communication can log data on a continuous basis through digital readouts and alarms to warn of any problems. You’ll want to be sure to regularly schedule calibration to avoid corrosion or scale buildup on the probes.

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